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Securing Your Wealth, Shielding Your Identity, Protecting Your Future.

Without a strategic financial plan, high-earning escorts often pay more than necessary. At Asset Protection Advisers, we specialize in crafting customized asset protection solutions to safeguard your hard-earned income. Our approach combines banking solutions, creative accounting and proven wealth preservation strategies to help you navigate these uncertain times with certainty.  

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True financial freedom is the power to shape your own destiny, embracing the right to choose your path and purpose and overcome any obstacle.

Sex workers may be considered as the most stigmatized profession for centuries. We understand that you are in a profession, just like us, and we provide financial advice to those who are deemed “invisible” by society. Banks and governments purposefully target this industry, making it difficult for you to operate like a regular small business, even with all legal documents in order.

At Asset Protection Advisers, we navigate escort banking restrictions and tax issues with alternative solutions, designed by advisors with 31 years of experience in offshore wealth management. We pride ourselves with our discreet, professional and confidential business etiquette, which does not discriminate against any profession.

Our solutions allow you to stay in control, trust no one, move assets off- balance sheet & use protective legislation to your advantage.

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At Asset Protection Advisers, we use the following acronym to describe our Wealth Shield: STOP

  • Stay in control: Keep control of your money and legal matters. Don’t let agents or trustees take charge of your bank accounts or businesses without your permission.
  • Trust no one: We construct a plan where you’re not forced to trust somebody unless you choose to trust them.
  • Off-balance sheet assets: Protect your assets by keeping them separate from your official financial records. This way, you still manage them, but they’re not easily visible to others.
  • Protective legislation: Use laws in other countries to safeguard your assets. Choose jurisdictions where it’s hard for your home country to access your financial information.

Sex Worker Financial Challenges

Ever wondered why your bank account keeps getting frozen?

Unfortunately, this is the harsh reality that many sex workers face.

At Asset Protection Advisors, we assist you in building a cryptocurrency payment gateway, allowing you to move your hard-earned income flexibly without regulatory restraints. Create a system where your banking headaches end once and for all with our ‘Get Ghosted’ package.

With our earnings management services, you can prove the source of your income and comply with all necessary Know-Your-Client regulations to satisfy tax authorities.

We help our clients structure KYC out of their personal name using agents and trustees.

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